Monday, April 19, 2010

finally, an update.

hmm where do i start..

1. went back to my hometown for 4 days and overdosed on durian everyday. which meant, extra, EXTRA hot days since sg petani is a lot hotter than kota damansara. n doesnt rain too.

2. totally ditched my makeups (and skincare on some days, come to think of it) and went au naturel. n hey, i didnt have any breakout for that 4 days (which is uncommon due to my has-a-brain-of-its-own hormone nowadays) so hurray for that!

3. watched a few movies: princess n the frog, tooth fairy and imaginarium of dr parnassus. movie 1 is ok if u like musicals, and happy endings. which i totally dig. :D movie 2 is so-so. not bad but its already a few children movies that dwayne johnson starred in. so.. its starting to get a little boring. movie 3: a very far-fetched imagination. sgt sgt pelik. but that way it glues u to ur seats, or carpets, wherever u might be sitting.

4. oh, still cuti today so i can get my housechores sorted. sorta. i'm taking a break from ironing while on house season 5 rerun, n hariz is out at the barber's. too bad i dont have any experience cutting the boys' hair (they just took turns trimming their hair with the trimming machine-four boys and an ex-army for a father-n that is before they discovered some barbers can make their hair look like christiano ronaldo's). kalau tak, i'll definitely experiment on his hair too.

5. n oh yeah, my mom beat me to cutting fatin's hair. garn! that's twice already!

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