Saturday, April 10, 2010

a few reviews in one go can?

first off, let me tell u i am soooo in love with my newest playthings:


I got it in birthday suit and skinny jeans, what a perfect combi!
birthday suit (nekkid skin colour)

skinny jeans (pretty pewter)
pics courtesy of

sorry no real pic, malas nak snap (mcm biasa). anyway, one booboo: the first time i used birthday suit it fell n the cap kind of cracked! i was like omg omg omg fuh fuh harap2 tak pecah terus. sayang mcm baby yg jatuh hahaha. well u can say its my newest baby so what can i do except act like a mother ;D

skinny jeans is L.O.V.E. ok. the biggest boldest font size of lotsaLOVESS i can give u darling. its a muted, metallic grey yg sgt gorgeous. i'm toting it everywhere i go now. n it stayed on without creasing till i wash my face. hold on to ur skin like nobody else's business, yet easy to wash with facial cleanser. what more can u ask for?

but ok, Benefit's price is a BIG humongous pain in the ass kat msia. one pot of cream shadow costs u rm85, as compared to only $19 online plus shipping. if ur one badass stalker, u can get it even cheaper, it can get as low as only rm50+! but instead of badass, i'm a HUGEass (pun realllyyyy intended hahaha) so i got rm140+ for two pots cream shadow, a lippie ANd a brush including shipping which would cost me 85+85+75+75=rm310 if i were to buy them here.

QUADRUPLE love, y'all!!

post panjang pulak. nanti2 la review lagi ye. toodles chicklets!


Yours truly said...

u beli frm website mana nih??? hehehe interesting nih :P

anis-chan said...

benefit ada yg boleh dpt price bagus2 kat, but i got these from its in a set so mmg bargain gila hehhehe