Saturday, May 29, 2010


oh dear, its been sooooo long.

lately i'm not feeling any inclination to write anything here. but on a few stuff:

1. did watch iron man 2 eons ago. BESSSTTTT!! dan all the downloaded ones berlambak2jugak. tgh tunggu shutter island nih :)

2. OUR THIRD ANNIVERSARY!!!!! juz had dinner at TGIF since we had to work that day. had a pleasant wake up call come midnight, but i'm not telling ;D

3. weekends are fully booked starting this week till end of june for weddings. every week orang kawin wei, n those are ones that if they'r not close to me, close to hariz. or else close to both of us. mana mau lari??

4. mak pesan to ease off the dinners. bila dah pesan tu pulak rasa susah ya Rabbi. what with those kenduris all lined up. dah la bulan 4 n 5 ni penuh dgn aqiqah invites. kat fridays tak la makan sampai tersadai, tapiiiii appetizer, my main and his main semua cheeeeezzzyyy. the kinds that go straight to my hips and butt. adoooiiii... pastu esok nya makan kat big brother's pulak???!!

5. kena bersiap sedia. mlm ni ada wedding! now where's my girdle....

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