Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 15

Today marks 15 days of life of our little darling. kejap je dah 2 minggu... n it has been such a roller coaster ride of adapting to new routines. diaper changing, poo-sniffing, feeding is especially a challenge since the boss is VERY keen on sleeping. but Alhamdulillah umar is not a screamer, cuma sekali-sekala bila mama lambat sangat bagi attention, n bila mandi terlentang. otherwise he is such a good boy, and he always smiles, which made all the night waking hours worth it.

He did have to come out early due to some circumstance, and the labour room had a little drama having him to get out, but Alhamdulillah we managed to get through normal delivery safely. the moment he opened up his eyes and smiled at me (before he managed to let out a loud cry), i know we're gonna be alright.

currently we're stationed at mak's, with doting aunties and uncles. cucu sulung, nak buat cne. jadi la bahan. tengah 'buat kuih' pun ada video.. kesian umar, cam reality tv show dah. takpe, at least we'll have things to remind us of little him when he's all grown up, and also all those potential embarassing shots to show his wifey haha

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