Sunday, July 10, 2011

if you have the time, do this:

A reminder for myself, for the next round :)

Things to do before getting admitted for delivery:

1. pack baby and mommy's stuff, yes, but don't forget daddy's stuff too. at least a change of clothes, kain pelikat, kopiah, and extra pillow and blanket for him and family members who will be waiting for you. like you, he'll have sleepless nights too in the ward, but minus a bed.

2. wash yourself, especially your hair, thoroughly, you won't know when you'll be wheeled into the labour room, and when you get to wash it again. and please, don't forget to trim your nails (like i did before delivering umar).

3. have the phone and camera ready, unless u have a doting father-in-law (like mine, loves!) who took videos and lots of pictures from the time you're wheeled out of the labour room, pictures of the star of the day in the nursery, till you're both checked out and getting in the car to go home.

4. please have something at hand to while the time away, especially if u don't have tv in the room. i had to wait a day and a half before my bundle came out after being induced. thank goodness for ebooks and smartphones!

5. have hubby to get some food supply, fruits and drink packs at least, for family members who's waiting for you. they'll fend for themselves, yes, but it'll make u feel much better.

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