Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Date Night

last night was a date night. umar dah balik bermanja dgn maktok awal2 lg kat kedah last weekend. i'll be heading back to kedah for raya haji so then only i'll be picking him up. but for now, it's back to being 2.

watched hangover 2 last night. super hilarius, but also superrrrrrr gross. i mean it. G.R.O.S.S. a little review, this time round it's stu's bachelor party gone AWWWFUULLYYY wrong. think thailand, thugs, transgender (gawd it looked like a lab experiment gone wrong!). enuf said.

but the highlight for me is this:


a dad as hot as bradley cooper? check!
FUSCHIA diaper bag???? check!

it's a Ju Ju BeAll in fuschia blossom! upon more research i.e. googling while watching tv there's actually another 2 version of this print:



but he chose to wear bright bright pink! u just made my day :D

all pic googled

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