Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Current Routine

Today is Day 30. Yeay Umar dah sebulan!

Unfortunately, it also means 30days of no TV. haih. nak buat cne, TV kat tingkat atas, dlm bilik takde TV. not that mak doesn't allow me to go up the stairs but i didn't trust myself holding umar going up the slippery stairs. Yet. Who knows? maybe tomorrow i will.

u guys know how vain i am right? right? righttt... well now everything goes out the window. n sleeping with the aircon blowing direct ke muka doesn't exactly help. At all. Even my sister, when she wrongly bought a cleanser for oil control for me and i said well this won't help at all now i'm quite dry, went 'ooh yaaa... i can see the dry patches...'


My current beauty routine:

hair tied in high bun to stretch whatever feature that is sagging, nothing done on unconcealable panda eyes.

Clinique Mild Cleanser on face.

Lucas Papaw ointment on dry lips (n dry, cracked nips).


2x sedih.

I need face (and body!!) overhaul, STAT.

A pic to soothe a panicky fat mom:

aaahhhh... heaven...

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