Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Beauty profile review

Browsed through my archive (yes I am a narcissist that way) and found a post on my own beauty profile. Let's have a review and see my current status:

Face: normal/combi dry (normal T-zone, dry cheeks) NOW: weyyhh now nose also quite dry! 
Main problems: hormonal zits, temperamental dry-ish cheeks NOW: no more zits, only dry, itchy whole face

Current products used:

Cleanser: Clinique Mild Facial Cleanser , Clean and Clear exfoliating daily wash
Eye makeup remover: None
Scrub: none as the C&C already has exfoliating beads
Toner: Clinique Clarifying Moisturizing Toner 2.
Serum / Essence: None (????!!!!!)
Moisturizer: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, Clinique Moisture Surge Thirsty Skin Relief
Eyes: None
Masks: None

Face: Bobbi Brown Compact Powder in Sunny Beige.
Favourite blushes: Still loves light pinks and corals, another pan has hit bottom recently. cue new blush!
Favourite eye-colours: currently, none. I bet my cream shadows have dried already.(RED ALERT! anis please destash your shadows)
Favourite lip colours: nude rose/pinks. Prefers lipsticks rather than glosses. But currently only using lipbalm.

Currently hunting for: New blushes, eyeing the new Maybelline bounce blush, but i haven't seen them at their stands yet.
Can’t live without: Vaseline lipbalm

oh dear, compared to last routine, my performance sure dropped real low! time to buck up Anis, you're not getting any younger you know. 3 series coming right up!

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