Thursday, January 5, 2012

My resolution to have a resolution

I noticed that I usually don't state any new year resolution every new year, except stating that I don't have a resolute resolution. Seperti appraisal, resolutions for me need a midyear review, so anything intangible can be dropped and new plans for the year can be incorporated. ecehh... tapi ye memang sangat pemalas maka tak pernah buat...

But now with a child in tow, I should have a plan for this year. Everything has gone haywire, trying to suit into new routines. And just when I've adapted, a NEWER routine needs to be incorporated. So this year I'm vowing to:

1. Be more organized. Really. I have to.

2. Take better care of my body. Since Mr. Attention Seeker came to town, I've been neglecting myself more than ever. Get up and move around Anis! AND don't forget your supplements! But first I have to do No.1 to achieve No.2.

There. I think that's 2 big stuff I critically need to sort out. And oh, No. 3:

To cook more.

Nowadays dapur berasap cuma untuk buat bubur/ bakar pisang for umar. Mama ayah ikut sempat je sebab sampai rumah pun dah dekat pukul 7.. kalau rajin masak la satu benda, kalau tak beli takeaways or order la saja kat Joe. Oh tak cerita kan, at my place kat clubhouse ada kedai makan yang buat delivery namanya Joe, maka dengan senang hati telefon saja ;) so no, less Joe's Anis.

And No.4, to be more green. We tried bringing our reusable bags everytime we go grocery shopping, tapi kadang-kadang tu terlupa jugak. So this year I hope we'll try to do that more (cue No.1, again!). 

I've been clothdiapering Umar full time for the past few months since his stash has almost doubled (dropped from the bandwagon 2 times, totaling about 2 weeks during his bouts of sickness), so I vow to keep the heat up and clothdiaper him until he's potty-trained. Less waste to send out for disposal, and my Umar's butt has never looked cuter :) And no, our water bill is not much elevated while clothdiapering. Still below RM 10, which means in Selangor, still free :D

I myself has jumped into the wonderful world of clothpadding recently, so I hope I don't waste more money on disposable pads. No arguments whether it's icky or not because:

1. It's your own blood.

2. As with the disposables, as a Muslim we have to wash them pads clean before tossing into the garbage bin. So it's the same principle, just that we get to use them back.

And anyways cloth pads are soooooo pretty! Wait till i show u my (measly) stash. Cuteness! And because it's cloth, it is so comfy, you won't feel like you're wearing any!

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