Sunday, March 4, 2012

Food for thought

I do follow forums and groups on topics of baby-raising, one in particular is on homemade food for babies. For one thing, i know mothers would try their best to give the best to their children, hence the promotion of feeding fresh (better if organic) homemade food to babies and toddlers.  But I think it is unnecessary to ask the forumer to throw away all the baby bottled food, or nestum, yang dah dibeli. 

I mean, those are not cheap, and we don't pluck money from trees, see. it baffled me to see a mother writing a response 'saya buang je..' with a smiley. Well, maybe she didn't buy them with her own money, so without any guilty conscience whatsoever she threw them away. 

Memang bagus, to give fresh food to our children, tapi, tak baik membazir. kan? A tin of Nestum might be a day's worth of wage for someone. Is is better to use them in adult food preparation. We are used to processed food, kan? tipu la kalau cakap tak pernah makan burger, sosej dan nuggets. awak tu bukan sufi.

a bottle of sweet potato and pumpkin, for example, can be used to thicken your stew, or curry. a bottle of apple pear  can be mixed in your smoothie. That's just a couple of varieties you can try. And always, you can eat it on its own as snacks :)

No, it doesn't happen to me, but i pity the person who get that kind of advice. worse, if the person follows it.awak bukan buang duit orang yang mengomen, tapi duit sendiri.

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