Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Part 1 (of season 2)

I should've start somewhere right? Why not the birth of my second star :)

After quite a few Braxton Hicks episodes since the 30th week, I've learnt not to scare myself silly and installed a contraction timer app on my phone (nerd much???).

That morning on May 2nd, at 3 am I was tossing and turning in my bed, not quite in pain, but just uncomfortable enough not to fall asleep. Went to the loo, back in bed, drank warm water, recite anything I could in the dark and quietly clicking on the app. Fell asleep and up again around 6, and prepped Umar to be sent to the nursery. I dressed to go to work as usual (background, still clicking on the app - 7 minutes apart... self conversed that I've had this before, it might be BH again).

On the road, hubster and I were still conversing as usual (me with the phone in my hand - 6 minutes apart). We already reached Batu 3 when he asked whether I wanted to go to the hospital and I just agreed. I mean why not, just check lah, if BH can go to work. Mana la tauuu kot-kot betul kan. Anyway the app showed the contractions were 5 minutes apart, and it was getting STRONGER.

By the time we reached the hospital I was already having difficulty getting out of the car,and I was wheeled up to the labour room to check my CTG and opening. It was about 8.15 in the morning. ALREADY OPEN 5CM!

And the waiting began. Along with some major zapzapZAP of pain coursing through the body.

At 11+ I was having major ZAPPPPP and couldn't take it anymore, so I finally asked for pethidine jab. NO POINT WHATSOEVER.

By 12+pm I was fully dilated and so ready to push.  As I had epidural with Umar, this was a first full-on painful delivery. It really was like nothing I've ever felt before, like YA ALLAH APA YANG NAK KELUAR NIIIIIIII!!!

And at 12.32pm after 4 pushes, Ilyas was safely delivered :)

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Linda said...

Yeayy Anis-chan...welcome back to blogging world...;)