Friday, November 7, 2008


i was bloghopping last week at ParisB's when she announce a game named Shop in your Stash, to find ur own stuff that u have but havent used in 5 months. she's spot on about food are sold in smaller portions and at higher cost. hence, the idea for the game. please hop over here for details.

i kinda forgotten that i promised to find something in my stash to shop since i'm moving around n not at home to find my old stuff. but then kan, i recently used back some of my accessories that i havent used in months! that can b counted ey? hehehehe

these two are my favourite swarovski crystal bracelets that i havent worn in a while. there's more in my stash, but these hold special place in my heart. the pink and purple bracelet was a present from hubster (he picked the colour and designed it himself! sweet kan.. *wink wink*) while the red one i had for my graduation two years ago.

asi've recently had a ruby red sandal, that would be a great pairing to the red bracelet dont u think? :D


ParisB said...

That is so sweet of your husband to actually design the bracelet! Thanks for playing :)

anis-chan said...

yeah, he's sweet in that sense hahaha.. thanks for hopping by PB :)