Wednesday, November 12, 2008


juz finished the lovely moon, one of those that i've told you before. what i could tell u is the whole book is a two day story about what happens when one kills her own mother. simple kan cerita dia? not. like, how can it be simple when u kill ur own mother, n then go on n have sex in the car with ur bestfriend's son while ur mother is in the freezer? saiko gila ok.

turn out mmg pompuan tu saiko pun. duh. bapak mati bunuh diri sbb depressed, mak pun dah nyanyuk yg jenis ckp mengarut2 tuh. mana la anak x saiko kan... well understood. most of the pages are filled with flashbacks if not what she's doing with her mother's corpse. all in all, not bad, not bad. nnti buleh carik buku author ni yg lain.

another one that i've finished is breaking dawn. sakit kepala haku! tebal ok 750 plus pages. n i've read about 400pages in 2+hours. mana x sakit kepala. but it is that absorbing that i couldnt get away from it. its by far the most exciting book of all the twilight saga, sgt suspen. best2! bg yg nak membaca buku ni sila lah baca, i wont spoil it for u. ziplocked! hopefully when they turn this into a movie it'll turn out ok.

i googled for the cover image of breaking dawn, turned out there's so many version that the fans made for the book. very interesting. these are some of the covers that i like:

i love this the most though:

until they end up with this one (that i've bought). ada any other official version ke? i hope not, or else i'd regret buying this one. x menarik sgt..

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