Monday, November 10, 2008

r u a nomad?

being a nomad isnt easy u see. there's the packing part, unpacking, cleaning, tidying. then when ur moving again, u have to face the process all over again.

its been a hectic nomading experience for me these few months. mind u i havent gone outstation due to work for some time, but all this moving is purely rumahtangga related. sana seminggu, sini seminggu, wkend ni kat situ, wkend dpn kat sana plk. dah lama aku x dok umah sendiri more than a week. rasa klakar pun ada. tp nasib baik la kitorg berdua je. mcm budak2 bercinta, asek berjln2. kalo ada baby kesian plk nk bawak dia berjln kerap sgt.

thats why i think its important for me to have things in travel size form. senang nk bawak berjln n x take a lot of space (not to mention that its cutesy size that usually attract me first!)

my guerlain sample cleanser (akak kat counter tu was so kind to give me a 30ml tube, which lasted me quite a while), baby oil, estebel day cream, shower gel and multipurpose solution

mac makeup remover, bobbi brown foundation (same shade as m compact), EL mascara and hair serum

now that i'm finally back home, kena la simpan semua blk. but i need to keep them handy, nk travel utk raya haji pulak!

later girls! :)

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