Monday, December 15, 2008

i've read something else again, so?

blk trganu, i was armed with two large books, brisingr (as per one of my posts) and breaking dawn. i know i know, i've read breaking dawn oredi (in about 5 hours!) tp i'm tempted to read it again. never mind why i bother to read the 750page-book again (sbb sedap la kan. duh!) anyway, thats juz in case i finish brisingr early n xde material lain nak baca.

turned out i took about a week to finish brisingr. dah blk kl pun x abis lagi. magic betul! sllu abis je cepat.

i know why. buku tu agak dragging ceritanya. meleret2. made me feel like, heiiiihh bila la nk abis neiiihhh... a third book, the second sequel of eragon by christopher paolini, i think there's only a few main points to highlight, but the author managed to (over)elaborate sampai almost 700pages. rematch between Murtagh and Eragon, Eragon finding out how Galbatorix managed to keep his power expanding these few hundred years, learning more from Oromis and Glaedr, the last remaining dragon and its rider from the days of the Dragonriders, and the fact that Eragon is Brom's son, not Morzan, head of the Forsworn. which made him and Murtagh only half-brothers. its also about Eragon finding his own dragonrider sword named Brisingr after Zar-roc (Morzan's sword given by Brom to Eragon) was snatched away by Murtagh.

the book is made even longer with Roran (Eragon's cousin)'s story. sigh... penat jugak kepala aku baca semua tuh..

this doesnt really make sense, i know, but its been so long since i've read the first and the second book. i didnt make any review about it. n eventhough the preface actually summarises the first book (Eragon) and the second book (Eldest), you still need to read them as the summary didnt really do the books justice.

if u like fantasy books, i suggest u read the first two books before reading brisingr as it needs some getting used to, the storyline, and the writing pattern as well.

the first movie, Eragon, was kinda disappointing, sbb agak kayu watak2nya except for Brom and Saphira's character. Brom was played a well known veteran actor, Jeremy Irons (the handsome Aramis in The Man in The Iron Mask starring Leonardo Dicaprio) and Saphira is a digitalised character (she's the dragon, in case u havent seen the movie) so that doesnt really count. Murtagh mmg hensem in the first movie so i was kinda disappointed dia turned out bad in Eldest and Brisingr. hopefully if there's any movie sequel, it'd be better.

i'm guessing, since the three books covers featuredthe faces of three of the four dragon characters, the last book's cover will feature Shruikan, Galbatorix's black dragon.

Eragon --> Saphira(blue scales)

Murtagh --> Thorn (red scales)

Oromis --> Glaedr (golden scales)

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