Saturday, May 2, 2009

joining hugh jackman's swoonfest!

i'm back! guess where i've been?

but yeah... now back home, back to reality n routine. boooorrrriiinnnggg...

no matter no matter. dah tgk wolverine!!! weeeehhhoooo!! one down, dozens more to go :D

hugh jackman is seriously one hot married fella especially when u can catch glimpses of him lari merentas desa NAKED!! hahaha but seriously susah gila nak dapat seats bagus in the first week kan. sapa suruh cari pasal. we ended up lama gila kat kaunter tiket since there were not juz two of us so twin-seating is out of question. check punya check punya check, we ended up buying tickets for the next day's show. dapat la seat belakang skt kalo tak seats available was like three rows from the screen.

hmm.. now that i think of it, we might be better off with seats kat depan so i can drool over mr wolverine naked self closer up

ok ok i know. pervert!!! but with hugh jackman all is forgiven ;D

the movie is like an enlightening story of how wolverine becomes wolverine. well forgive me but i do love history. hahaha.. but for comic lovers like hubbs, he was like a bit tak suka la how a character differs from the comic.

the only down side for me though, logan's brother, victor (who later becomes sabertooth) were supposed to be very menacing n inhumane but his face is so similar to will farrell (a comedian, if u must know) n i juz couldnt take it.

sapa nak tgk hugh jackman's rippling, tanned muscles and fair butt angkat tangan!
pegi pegi pegi tengok!!!


Azyyati said...

hugh jackman memang perfectoooooo! lagi satu mamat korea hottttt- daniel henney!!! too bad dia mati awal huhuhu
after credit movie tu ada 2 or 3 different endings, tapi aku tak tau before tu. dah balik wayang baru baca kat internet. rugi tak tunggu, cari clips kat youtube pun takde.

anis-chan said...

serious ada different ending?
aku rasa yg ni dah cukup ok tapi..