Sunday, November 29, 2009

was back home in SP for a week, hence the lack of posts. a lot has happenened:

1. went back with hubbsy n lil sis friday night. buleh pulak tertido time kemas2 baju and kemas umah. n right in front of the tv, no less. and because of that, gerak dari umah at 2am and arrived in sp at 6am.

2. was momentarily stunned to see my mother sooo thin since the last i saw her. n not in a good way either. rasa nak nangis pagi2 tu nasib baik sempat tahan. i thought her eyes were a little different but i reckoned it was because of her lost of weight and she wasnt in malaysia since march so i havent seen her in like, 7 months.

3. the same day we arrived, mak was persuaded by my sis to see a doctor since her legs bengkak n has what she suspected cellulitis. no, not cellulites. n that wasnt a good sign. dah p clinic, the doctor referred her to the hospital since cellulitis required IV antibiotics. but once at the hospital, everything gone haywire: her BP gone up, her pulse through the roof, which made the ER ppl wheel her in to be warded.

4. tests showed that my mother's thyroid gland has gone into hyperdrive with elevated TSH. that explained the weight lost, high BP, high pulse and protruded eyes. n she already on meds for hypertension to begin with. the dr also diagnosed mak as having diastolic heart failure, which explained the pedal edema (water retention in the legs).

5. we took turns untuk jaga mak for 3 nights. when she was first warded masuk 3rd class, so i went there to check whether she can be transferred since my GL enables her for first class. the problem was, it was saturday and i havent got any letter with me. plus the office was of course closed till monday. when i check with the girl kat pendaftaran, turned out they can print my GL there n then! cool! juz gave my IC number n voila! GL printed. berguna jugak sistem yg gomen ni buat hahaha..

6. but alas, bed kat 1st class pulak penuh. so my mak in four bed room on the fourth floor. mak was really unhappy dgn perangai staffnurse kat hospital tu. being an ex-staffnurse there herself, she noted the lack of involvement of the staffnurses with the patients. poor mak, abis tangan lebam2 sbb HO tak pandai cucuk branula. dah la vein mak susah nak dapat. berapa banyak good vein semua punctured. yg paling pelik, masa specialist buat ward round, there's no staffnurse in sight! usually there must be at least one to assist the drs. masa i went to hand over my GL utk mak transfer wad pun stffnurse tu mcm tak layan. dok sibuk sembang walhal kita dok tercegat depan muka dia. hoh marah betul aku. nak je tonyoh muka dia yg bermekap tebal tu ke meja. staffnurse pakai mekap fullfledge with foundation eyeshadow mascara wasnt heard of during my mum's time ok. they're not allowed to, for various safety reasons.

7. since a lot of her veins punctured, mak had to literally teach one nurse to insert branula for her. even showed them which vein would be better for peripheral line. this one HO even offered mak to pick which needle size she prefers. tapi kesian jugak dgn HO, asyik kena marah dengan specialist depan2 patients and visitors.

8. on the last night baru mak boleh transfer ke 1st class. we were worried because the specialist said nak tahan mak for a week, but luckily on the fourth day dah boleh balik. with lots of meds too. sempat jugak jumpa kak sab kat farmasi, sembang2 sat while waiting for mak's discharge meds.

9. in total, mak has lost 20 kilos since early this year. dia dah buleh pakai baju my sisters, which all three shared the same size! aku je la yang takleh share since kaki tangan semua pendek. grrrr....

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