Wednesday, December 30, 2009

bored out of her little pants

i am rereading harry potter (again). that shows how sangap i am kat rumah.

i've lost count how many times i've reread them, but enough to note the inconsistencies in the story. for example, the first book said james and lily potter were head boy and girl in their school days, and yet the third book said james potter was a troublemaker, and in the fifth book, sirius confirmed that he was never even a prefect.

dont get me started on other, more trivial differences.

and yet, here i am, still rereading them (in the middle of the third book by the way).

i am getting better now. i dont wake up in the middle of the night anymore, juz in time to prevent myself scratching my neck, eventhough i was on antihistamine (which is supposed to help you sleep). heck, i dont depend on the antihistamines for the itchiness anymore. yeay!

cepatlaaaa kering, nak tgk sherlock holmesssss!!!

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