Saturday, December 19, 2009

of whispering wind and striding cloud

tinggal sorg lagi. hariz kena keja pagi sampai malam pulak tu, shifting shifting shifting. hampes.

dah hujan dua kali dah kat umah ni ha.. apa la guna nya hujan kalo dok sorg2 *wink*

watched storm warriors last night. initially i was like, kalo tak new moon maybe ninja assasin (yeap, mmg baru nak tgk bcoz u know i really contemplated whether to watch or not) but then tgk2 both movies screening juz tinggal twice a day n we missed the last one. gila ramai org nak tgk avatar, n a tamil movie tah nama pa tak ingat. 2-2 movie asyik sold out! i was like hmmm... mentang2 la james cameron kan, dunno what the hype is all about though. i mean, if its from the avatar cartoon i can understand. really, i'm not into space fantasy kind of thing. hubbsy's interested to watch though. nnti la, alang2 kena teman hariz tgk, mesti mau tgk 3D kan :)

storm warriors was quite ok actually. maybe a bit slow, since scene dia juz, hmm let me count.... like, 10 scenes saja. but aaron kwok is as gorgeous as ever, i mean, he's the only hongkong movie star that i liked (sbb dia sorg je tanned, if u get my drift). but is it juz me, or mmg simon yam tu selalu berlakon jadi evil warlord?

what i really really cant wait to watch, is sherlock holmes!!!! cepat la sampai... nak tengok!!


Yours truly said...

Robert Downey Jr is soo yummylicious...

anis-chan said...

ohh yeen, yg tu lah yg ditunggu2 hahaha