Thursday, January 21, 2010

in the mood to shear somebody's hair off.

balik kampung! oh oh oh balik kampungggg!

i'm heading north tonight. yep. alone. tak seronok la balik sorg2 but what to do. yang paling seronok skali i managed to pack my stuff for 3 days in a small backpack, weeehuu!! rekod siot. nampak sangat semua ntah hapa2 maknenek selalu diangkut sebelum ni hahaha

my hands are soooo itchy to snip my girls' hair, though they might object (in very loud voices).

please please please let me do some snipping, i'm getting rusty here! bangs pun jadi lah.

ni lah akibatnya the first thing on my things to do tak boleh nak cancel out lagi.

later babes!

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