Saturday, March 13, 2010

on a few things:

1. baru tengok new moon (HAHA!) and cirque du freak. honestly i can tell u i enjoyed cirque du freak more. i really wasnt wrong about new moon, although it followed the book to a T, but since its according to the book, it's bleh. haha. i know, complicated.

i've seen a lot of darren shan books on the shelves but everytime i fiddled with it, i put them back, knowing it was for teenage read. but then again, bah! twilight saga is also for teenagers ;)

2. tgh contemplate lagi bila nak p tengok solomon kane and alice in wonderland. i'm gonna pass book of eli (on cinema) since the reviews are not so favourable.

3. of course, i haven't told u guys about my (big) baby's birthday. nothing unusual, but i should've gotten those pix from my sis. the ribs at Big Brother's are HUMONGOUSSS!!! n sooo fleshy n juicy n yummy. keep your eyes peeled on NST because they're making a review of the restaurant. a columnist was there the night we were dining (a frequent visitor, according to hadi, the owner) n if u ever see the review, that's our ribs on the pic! :D
i'll post it later!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAHLING! i can actually call u abang huh, ur older than me now ;)

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