Sunday, October 24, 2010

hey beautiful, come to mama!

this was from yet another successful online purchase i made from strawberrynet!

introducing... adding up to my cheek collection:

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Rose and Nectar!

left: rose, right: nectar

they're such beauties, right? when i saw them on sale (unboxed) for usd16 each i just clicked clicked clicked, then lo and behold, a parcel is on its way to mama! i mean hey, the price is actually about double at the counters and i wont do much with boxes anyway.

these shimmer bricks are meant as highlights, but u can actually use individual colours as eyeshadows, or give a light-handed overall swipe for highlighting. But for me, i cant use them nectar as highlights as its quite pigmented. so instead, i use it as a blush (as i meant to do when i purchase it ;)) it is packed with shimmers though (what am i thinking, it IS called SHIMMER brick isn't it?) so i have to be careful and use a very light hand on it.

rose on the other hand is very nice for overall face brightener or highlighter on my apples since it won't show much as a blush.. somewhat like Benefit Moon Beam in a powder form i think, the similarity is there.

individual swatches for nectar. i won't put them on my eyelids though ;D

i've been using them for a few weeks now. while i'm still getting a grip on using rose (very fair, cool-toned beauty bloggers swear this can be used as blush), nectar is absolute breeze with me! *fondling black case for the nth time*


reena said...

Wahhh tup2 dah 2 shimmer bricks. *clap clap* Heheh.

I pernah try kat Bobbi Brown, tapi too shimmering la. Tak tau la BA tu tersapu lebih ke tak.

anis-chan said...

hehe tula dah murah mesti mau sambar reena. i think with a light hand buleh pakai jugak la as blusher, tp tgk ur preference jugak. kalau u mmg tak suka blush yg shimmery mmg takleh la. tp kat counter lampu kuning, susah skt nk judge shimmer brick ni kita jadi disco ball tak