Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i'm backkk!!!!!

sangatla kesian blog ni mak dia lamaaaa tak bagi makan sori la ye..

just a few reasons:

1. my life is just same old same old..

2. i dont actually feel comfortable writing on internet space for quite some time. anyone who sees my facebook would know i've been silent for quite some time, only likes here and there on the pages i've been. dunno why but the whole terlebih cakap, n keeping what should be between you and your spouse is not meant for the whole world to see is has gotten to me.

so these days i'm just hiding in the dark, filling myself reading a LOT of beauty blogs til a few days ago Hariz went,

"ayang ni asyik baca blog orang je... bila nak update blog sendiri?"

ok now, i will :)

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