Monday, October 25, 2010

what's in MY makeup bag

when i first saw this i was already tempted to make a post of my own.

then i saw this, n itched even more.

now that i saw this one in farina's i couldn't wait anymore.

so here's my version of WHAT'S IN MY MAKEUP BAG.

i shouldnt have labeled 1 on the pouch. my bad, hehehe

1. yep, a pouch. a free one when i bought a cute kit from clinique, the hydration range.

2. a spray bottle containing decanted Clinique Clarifying Toner 2. Stingy, i know, but have u seen the mouth of the bottle? its H.U.G.E. it is one of the most useful tips i found in the beauty blogs' world, i can give more miles on it if i do this.

3. Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil. Nicked this from my sis (u can actually say its a barter since she nicked something else from me at the same time :D) These days i use it to revive my chapped lips.

4. RENU multipurpose solution. always on standby during those loooooong days, or during short trips to our hometown.

5. Cetaphil cleanser. this was given by hubbsy, a sample obviously gotten while salesrep promoting it in the hospital, meant for dermatology use. a gem, truly, i can get rid of my eye makeup with me eyes closed (literally)!

6. Clinique Rinse Off Foaming Cleanser. Gotten this when i bought the hydration range. Am not keen to revisit this one. trust me when i say my Clinique Gentle Cleanser (mild) does better job removing my makeup then this - when this one is the one tagged to do so. so having it in the pouch means i wont let it go to waste and just use it for normal cleansing.

7. Clinique All about Eyes Rich. for days when i feel like it.

8. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Relief. What a relief for parched skin after a day in fullblast aircon room.

9. Empty contact lense case. just in case.

10. Paul & Joe eyecolour powder. its a pretty beige colour with a brown-coloured four-leaves clover, gotten from reena. . again, for those days when i feel like it.

11. Stila CC in peony. i can't emphasize again and again how much i like the colour on my cheeks, n its hole in the pan is getting bigger!

12. Guardian's travel-sized cotton squares. i know, enough obsession with travel-sized items already!

13. Benefit full finish lipstick in Lady's Choice. truly my favourite nude. when i'm in the mood for shimmers, i'd layer it with Stila lipglaze or Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in Sugar Cookie.

14. JLo Blue Glow edt. a free sample for those busuk with cafe's smell days. it smells great!

15. Bobbi Brown hydrating cream. a sample nicked while i bought some stuff for my MIL. very nonsticky n yet very hydrating. i like! what i dont like though, is the price tag for a full-sized one :(

that's it, the full content of my pouch. u can see how much i'm a sucker for travel-sized products, so much so that i actually have extras for those already in the pouch! n lets not delve into what else travel-sized inside my handbag (hmmm.. now that i think about it i might actually do that! haha)

so, spill the beans. what's in your makeup bag?


epelijau said...

i m truly impressed....sgt make up bag( i have one?)consists of...ermm..nothing. haha..

anis-chan said...

hehe... pn am, saya ni kalau rajin pakai la semua, kalau tak tu separuh je sy pakai hari2 :)

reena said...

Boleh tahan jugak your makeup pouch! :D

anis-chan said...

hehe for the time being reena, for the time being heheehehe