Friday, November 12, 2010

mid eastern food closer to home

we went for a quick arabstyle dinner at a new shop in the strand. its nearby butik najjah if anyone's familiar with that farah diba of tv9's boutique.

no pictures as we were a hungry lot, but its quite decent. n we don't have to go to jalan damai for our mid-eastern fix anymore, yeay! oh ya tarbush still ok, tp kedai ni of course nearer to our home :D

the spread is not much as yet, but we're hoping the shop will add more menu. the lamb mendi that we tried was not bad, the nasik a little biasa but the lamb was sangggaaatttt sedapppp!!! the meat literally jus melt in your mouth and very very juicy. it has three sizes, small (apparently for 1 person), regular and large. we ordered the regular portion for sharing, and boy were we stuffed like some christmas turkey! that, even after taking into account that hariz is a big-portion eater. sangat banyak, so i figured if its only girls with small stomach, regular portion can feed 3!

the only cheesy thing about the shop is not the meals, but the name. KEDAI NASI ARAB. in your face ok! kalau tak paham tu tak tau la.

i am hankering for much meat these days, next time pegi i'll take some pix okies. later!

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