Tuesday, November 30, 2010

i want i want i want!!

i've had one, n its been my go-to sandals during weekend. nevermind that the lipstick red clashes with the rest of my outfit. until i saw this, n I, in the most hyperactive manner, definitely WANTTTTT!!!

pic from fitflop.com

designed by Anna Sui, n not available in Malaysia. not to mention the price (BP70). sedih!!!!!!


5h4z4 said...

waaaaaaaaaaaa....i want i want too....but yeah...pricey pricey....but definitely akan masuk dlm list things-to-be-owned by d time yah dh start keje nt...hohoho....

anyhow, how r u akak?? lm dh x ngomen kt sini...heee

anis-chan said...

alamak ampun la lama tak reply. cni laa... biasa2.. yah dh nk dpt anak sdara baru akak dgr? hehehe

azahs said...

hahahah,,,its ok,,yup, insyaAllah bln may or late april due nye,,,xsabar!!!hee=D

akak, i just bought fitflop tuh last 2days, gilak kan,,,was so random,,,stress sgt ngan xm harituh, ahah,,,,