Monday, November 15, 2010

me and things non pharmacy related

u know how i adore things non-pharmacy related. i mean, how exciting can a pharmaceutical product get physically? white box orange box blue box white pill round pill green pill rectangle pill... booooorrriiinnnngggg...

the most exciting that i ever saw looks somewhere along this line:

serius bosan ok.

speaking about mideastern cuisine and tarbush restaurant, the one thing i adore most is not the meals, but the beautiful mosaic tables. MashaAllah memang laaaa sangat menarik sampai ada hati siap menggoogle macammana nak buat mosaic art sendiri, heh. berangan okk. iyelah kalau nak beli tu side table kecik pun mau parah jugak poket.

pic googled

lawaaa... and it is actually quite doable, but u have to have the appropriate mediums and tools, annnddd the patience to cover the whole surface. but me being me, ehem. tak tau la bila kurun baru nak attempt.

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